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Existing Companies
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Software / Internet / outsourcing

Alpine Data Labs.
A leading In-database data mining company with the world’s fastest, most scalable Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) engine enabling fastest modeling to scoring capabilities.

Algoblu Co. Ltd.
Algoblu Co. Ltd., a leading network solution company providing optimized networking options through a combined capability of SDN technology and NOC; They’re transforming a complex networking environment to a simple “adapt-n-go” networking option for corporate customers at an on-demand basis.

CDP Group Ltd.
A Shanghai based Human Resources (HR) total solution provider offering HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, HR shared services and technology services

ForceShield Software's real time proactive defense provides self protection mechanisms for vulnerable systems, effectively extending the defense perimeter of enterprises, crippling attacks at the launchpad. It will instantly increase security for users and confuse automated attack methodologies. ForceShield Software helps reducing users’ in-house operations and maintenance cost immensely.

ICONTEK is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning engine developer

RetCHAT, Inc.
RETCHAT iCEM provides an integrated & systematic way to reach, engage and transform customers by integrating Digital Media and CRM into one centralized platform for Interactive Customer Engagement Management.

SENSORO is committed to the convergence of the physical and digital world through the application of sensing technologies. SENSORO’s Alpha Product Suite delivers a long-range, low-power network (LPWAN) solution for implementing an easily managed and monitored IoT sensor network.


Legend Silicon
A leading terrestrial and mobile DTV ASIC company and a major contributor to the National DTV standard (GB20600-2006).

Consumer & Retail / Media

aCommerce Group Limited
aCommerce Group Limited is an ecommerce enabler for retailers and brands in Southeast Asia. They provide holistic end-to-end ecommerce solutions covering marketing, call center, fulfillment and logistics in one integrated platform.

Customer eXperience Creation (CXC)
A Shenzhen based management consulting firm and channel partner of telecom operators in China, pioneering on the modernization of telecom sales channels, offering a new generation touch-and-feel shopping experience for mid-high end consumers.

iClick Interactive
iClick Interactive is a leading online marketing agency focusing on search engine marketing ("SEM") optimization technology and performance based marketing services to maximize advertiser's returns.

Momoyoyo Global Limited
A leading player in online and DM pets supplies retailing in China.

Wisers Information Ltd.
The world’s leading Chinese news information service provider offering a suite of services and comprehensive solutions for different industries.

Autoparts / Electronics manufacturing

Finance & Banking


ETong Online Shanghai Medical Consulting Co. Ltd.
A comprehensive 3rd party health management service provider for enterprises of all sizes. Etong's health management services include health examinations, health improvement, hospital green channel, corporate in-house clinics, and private doctors for executives.”